Polar Affection – Sold

24 X 36 Oil ON 2″ Gallery Wrap

Inspired by: TrackerBaz Wildlife Photography @ http://trackerbaz.com

Every time I gaze upon this serene image, I am awestruck by the intense feelings that rise up from deep within my soul. I am touched by the deep bond between mother and child. I find myself yearning for that kind of bond in my own relationships as I see a world that is all at once as beautiful as the sunrise and yet as encroaching as the bitter cold arctic air. I feel lost in this fleeting image of how the wild world used to be and hoping that we find a way to let these majestic beings live in the freedom for which they were created.

The image I referenced for this was generously provided by the wonderful wildlife photographer, David Jenkins. Check out his awesome work at https://www.trackerbaz.com
Prints available here

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