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This is the fifth in my ongoing series entitled Knowhereman. There’s only one reason we ever long for anything and that is that we have forgotten, sometime when we first became self-aware, that we are already connected to everything; We were nor are ever alone. We see, yet our eyes deceive us, convincing us that what we long for is just over the horizon. We hear, yet our ears deceive us, convincing us that silence is disconnection. We touch, yet our skin deceives us, convincing us that what we feel is other, rather than the truth that other is just another manifestation of everything. Let all our senses remind us that everything is connected in the oneness!
In this scene, we find Knowhereman facing the truth, that true beauty, the beauty that transcends all our senses, is not found in longing but, in accepting that we are never alone. We’re already home.
There is not enough real-estate here to fully describe the impetus for this collection of work. Suffice it to say, this is a series of self-portraits, (self as in – the one species of we humans), exploring the existential odyssey everyone must embark upon whenever contemplating consciousness beyond the confines of space, time, and the awareness thereof. 
It wasn’t until after this painting in this series that I was reminded of the Beatles song by the same name. I am glad that both were true; that it hadn’t first occurred to me and then later, that it did. 
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