Elonian Dreams – No. 1


This is the first in a new series I have just started entitled, “Elonian Dreams”. Think what we will of Elon Musk, with his drive to colonize Mars and beyond, he will go down in history as one of the pioneers of our species. I don’t really know just what to think of it all. I have always struggled with our technological advancements over the course of our existence. We’ve done amazing things and yet, we never seem to make changes holistically. We solve the problem and produce three more. I see where he and his companies are trying to solve some of those fractured ways of bringing about change and yet, the moon and Mars both are already cluttered with debris. We seem so binary as a species. We tend to live out of an either/or paradigm. So much unresolved here on our little rock, from where we first started, while we head out to find new homes elsewhere. Will we ever grow up and be a both/and species? 
Pondering where I am at in my stage of trajectory in life and what implications this new wave of exploration will have on our species’ own trajectory has been welling something up inside. E. O. Wilson, a pioneer in evolutionary biology, who recently just passed at the age of 92, made a statement that has struck a deep cord within me and I think points to whatever this is welling up inside. He stated that, “the real problem with humanity is that we have Paleolithic emotions, Medieval intuitions, and God-like technology. 
Elonian Drams No 1 is a blend of the utopia we seek and the dystopia we tend to carry forward no matter where we go or what we do. Look for where you see both in this composition.
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