Sagrada Familia – Vista Interior

30 x 40 – Oil On Gallery Wrap Canvas – Commissioned

This commissioned work is an interior view of one of the world’s most famous architectural structures. The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, in Barcelona, Spain, was started in 1882 and due to a storied history, including delays caused by COVID, it is not anticipated to be completed until some time after 2026. It is a fascinating wonder of design by architect Antoni Gaudí. His vision was, in my opinion, years ahead of his time.
I’d like to thank Professor Pilar Aldana-Méndez for graciously providing permission to use her photograph for inspiration. Please check out her work on her website. It was also a great privilege to experience her guided virtual tour of the basilica, on which she has worked.
Note: This is a fun one to click on the image, then click to zoom in and use your mouse to hover over the entirety of the composition. The detail of the basilica’s design makes this painting one that is a thousand paintings in one!
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