Knowhereman – Universum Cordis


This is the third in my ongoing series entitled Knowhereman. As ones falls into the dimensionless, liminal state of consciousness, beyond the pale of the spacesuits in which we plod our way through our human journey, if we don’t find ourselves in the universe of our metaphysical hearts, we will be lost in the infinite death of soulless existence. Dead to ourselves, dead to the one life that permeates everything.
In this scene, we find Knowhereman able to see the metaverse of the heart, longing to enter, fearful of its unknowability.
There is not enough real-estate here to fully describe the impetus for this collection of work. Suffice it to say, this is a series of self-portraits, (self as in – the one species of we humans), exploring the existential odyssey everyone must embark upon whenever contemplating consciousness beyond the confines of space, time, and the awareness thereof. 
It wasn’t until after this painting in this series that I was reminded of the Beatles song by the same name. I am glad that both were true; that it hadn’t first occurred to me and then later, that it did.
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