Our Bear

24 x 18 Oil on Linen Canvassed Board One of the most profound and loving relationships I have ever experienced was with our Old English Sheepdog, Bear. He was and still is a part of Christ to me. We miss him dearly. Having the privilege and honor to paint him was cathartic, healing, restorative, and a resurrecting experience. Love you…

Somnium Equinae (Equine Dreams)

48 X 36 Oil On 2″ Canvas Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries    This painting is one of my favorites. I can feel the weight of this majestic horse pushing off the right hind leg as it greets you with piercing eyes!

Bear’ll Fish

24 x 20 – Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Linen Canvas For Pricing and Other Inquires Prints Available – Click Here Alaska bear doing a little salmon fishing with Denali in the background.    

Bison of the Wichitas – SOLD

30 X 22 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Linen For Pricing and other inquires Prints Available Here Majestic bison at rest in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Southwestern Oklahoma.

Avette Blue’s Butterfly – Commissioned Work

20 x 16 – Oil On 2 Inch Gallery Wrap Linen Canvas I was asked to create something for a little baby girl with the idea she would one day toss it into the front seat of her car as she drives off to college. A chrysalis moment if ever there were one.

Corcel Majestuoso (Majestic Steed) – SOLD

48 X 36 Oil On 1.5″ Gallery Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries   Inspired by the chiaroscuro, (dramatic light), paintings of the master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio combined with the love of all things equestrian.

Allee – Commissioned Work

Oil on 2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas (Not For Sale) Had the honor and privilege to paint this portrait of Allee for my sister-in-law. For all us dog lovers, they really are family. Allee lives on in our hearts. Click here for prints Gift cards available here

Polar Affection

24 X 36 Oil ON 2″ Gallery Wrap Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries     Inspired by: TrackerBaz Wildlife Photography @ http://trackerbaz.com Every time I gaze upon this serene image, I am awestruck by the intense feelings that rise up from deep within my soul. I am touched by the deep bond between mother and child. I find myself yearning…

Elk At Dawn – Commissioned Work

18 x 24 Oil On Gallery Wrap Wood Panel (Gift – Original Not For Sale)   This was one of my first wildlife oil pantings, which I painted for a relative. Prints are available up request. Please comment on this work below. I am eager to know your thoughts!