Lucy and Maggie – Commissioned

14 x 11 Oil On Canvas Lucy and Maggie are no longer with their human family but will live on in their memories and in this painting. Always an honor and a blessing when I get to immortalize loved-ones. Click here for Inquiries

Yellowstone Bison No 1 – SOLD

40 x 30 Oil On Gallery Wrap Linen For commissions or other inquires I continue to be allured by the iconic bison. This particular magnificent beast captivates me as it restfully wades through the soothing river. Prints Available Here

Elk Among The Aspens – SOLD

72 x 36 Oil On Gallery Wrap Linen For commissions or other inquires click here This is the largest painting I have completed to date. Two years in the making. It started out as just a landscape painting with the desire to capture the glow of the waking aspens. As I neared its completion, it was if the painting told…

Somnium Equinae (Equine Dreams)

48 X 36 Oil On 2″ Canvas Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries  This painting is one of my favorites. I can feel the weight of this majestic horse pushing off the right hind leg as it greets you with piercing eyes!

Our Bear

24 x 18 Oil on Linen Canvassed Board One of the most profound and loving relationships I have ever experienced was with our Old English Sheepdog, Bear. He was and still is a part of Christ to me. We miss him dearly. Having the privilege and honor to paint him was cathartic, healing, restorative, and a resurrecting experience. Love you…

Bear’ll Fish

24 x 20 – Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Linen Canvas For Pricing and Other Inquires Prints Available – Click Here Alaska bear doing a little salmon fishing with Denali in the background. My first attempt at painting a bear … or a salmon for that matter.

Bison of the Wichitas – SOLD

30 X 22 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Linen Click here for commissions and other inquiries Prints Available Here Majestic bison at rest in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Southwestern Oklahoma.

Avette Blue’s Butterfly – Commissioned Work

20 x 16 – Oil On 2 Inch Gallery Wrap Linen Canvas I was asked to create something for a little baby girl with the idea she would one day toss it into the front seat of her car as she drives off to college. A chrysalis moment if ever there were one.

Corcel Majestuoso (Majestic Steed) – SOLD

48 X 36 Oil On 1.5″ Gallery Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries   Inspired by the chiaroscuro, (dramatic light), paintings of the master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio combined with the love of all things equestrian.