Kalico In Kananaskis Country

36 x 48 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas When I saw the image I ended up referencing for this painting, my breath was taken away. I can hear the wind through the trees and the flowing river. I instantly knew I had to paint it! Kalico is this beautiful horse’s name taking in a cool drink in Kananaskis Country,…

Sizing Up The Challenge – Commissioned

25 x 25 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap On Canvas Unique commissioned project. Buyer is into fish aquariums and a certain professional football team. This painting is of two Siamese Fighting Fish assessing their opponent. The one with the upper handed position is in his team’s colors and the other in his significant other’s favorite team colors. See if you…

Somnium Equinae (Equine Dreams)

48 X 36 Oil On 2″ Canvas Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries  This painting is one of my favorites. I can feel the weight of this majestic horse pushing off the right hind leg as it greets you with piercing eyes!

Polar Affection – SOLD!

24 X 36 Oil ON 2″ Gallery Wrap Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries Inspired by: TrackerBaz Wildlife Photography @ http://trackerbaz.com Every time I gaze upon this serene image, I am awestruck by the intense feelings that rise up from deep within my soul. I am touched by the deep bond between mother and child. I find myself yearning for that…

Libby – Commissioned

14 x 11 Oil On Canvas Libby is the happy 4-legged family member of my last commission of their former pups, Lucy and Maggie. Always an honor and a blessing when I get to immortalize loved-ones, no matter how many legs they have! Click here for Inquiries

The Real Lion King – SOLD

12 x 16 Oil On Canvas Is there really anything more aestetically majestic than the fearless, determined, steel look of a lion? Click here for Price & Other Inquiries Get prints here

Lucy and Maggie – Commissioned

14 x 11 Oil On Canvas Lucy and Maggie are no longer with their human family but will live on in their memories and in this painting. Always an honor and a blessing when I get to immortalize loved-ones. Click here for Inquiries

Yellowstone Bison No 1 – SOLD

40 x 30 Oil On Gallery Wrap Linen For commissions or other inquires I continue to be allured by the iconic bison. This particular magnificent beast captivates me as it restfully wades through the soothing river. Prints Available Here

Elk Among The Aspens – SOLD

72 x 36 Oil On Gallery Wrap Linen For commissions or other inquires click here This is the largest painting I have completed to date. Two years in the making. It started out as just a landscape painting with the desire to capture the glow of the waking aspens. As I neared its completion, it was if the painting told…

Our Bear

24 x 18 Oil on Linen Canvassed Board One of the most profound and loving relationships I have ever experienced was with our Old English Sheepdog, Bear. He was and still is a part of Christ to me. We miss him dearly. Having the privilege and honor to paint him was cathartic, healing, restorative, and a resurrecting experience. Love you…