Christmas 2020

20 x 18 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas Every year I am blessed to get to paint a little something for my wife for Christmas. This year, I chose a snow-covered, wintery scene with the veil of the cold being broken by rays of sunlight breaking through the tree cover. Inquiries here Prints available here

Kalico In Kananaskis Country

36 x 48 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas When I saw the image I ended up referencing for this painting, my breath was taken away. I can hear the wind through the trees and the flowing river. I instantly knew I had to paint it! Kalico is this beautiful horse’s name taking in a cool drink in Kananaskis Country,…

Gapstow Bridge In Winter – Commissioned

24 x 20 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Get prints here This is my second effort on this pedestrian bridge in Central Park, NYC. The first painting sold quickly while my wife expressed her admiration of the piece, as she used to live and work in NYC years ago. She expressed that viewing it gives her a sense of peace…

Lakeside Lighthouse – No. 1 -SOLD

20 X 18 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Linen Canvas Click here to contact me Prints Available Here Lakeside Lighthouse No 1 is a composition bringing serenity and peace to the viewer, with its smooth reflective water, soft sunset hues, and the luminescent lighthouse as its focal point.

Mesmerize – SOLD

48 x 36 – Oil on 2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas Click here for commissions and other inquiries Prints available – click here Gift cards available here This is of a river in South Africa. My hope was to give the viewer a place where they could escape to a calm, serene, and peaceful state of being. Let me know what…