Kalico In Kananaskis Country

36 x 48 Oil On 2″ Gallery Wrap Canvas When I saw the image I ended up referencing for this painting, my breath was taken away. I can hear the wind through the trees and the flowing river. I instantly knew I had to paint it! Kalico is this beautiful horse’s name taking in a cool drink in Kananaskis Country,…

Somnium Equinae (Equine Dreams)

48 X 36 Oil On 2″ Canvas Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries  This painting is one of my favorites. I can feel the weight of this majestic horse pushing off the right hind leg as it greets you with piercing eyes!

Corcel Majestuoso (Majestic Steed) – SOLD

48 X 36 Oil On 1.5″ Gallery Wrap   Original – Pricing & Other Inquiries   Inspired by the chiaroscuro, (dramatic light), paintings of the master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio combined with the love of all things equestrian.